Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July Links

Putting Liberty on a Pedestal. The story of how the Statue of Liberty finally gained support from Americans.

7 July 4th Traditions from Around the Nation. Although it is quite possible to grow up in New England and never eat salmon for the holiday.

American as Apple Pie? An Index of Things we used to feel Patriotic about.

9 Fourth of July Myths Debunked. We learn our history in childhood as short sound bites that oversimplify what really happened in 1776.

Watch fireworks explode in slow motion, thanks to ultra high-speed film. They’re blowing things up, too, although I can’t imagine why they picked a jar of mayonnaise.

July 4 Course Meal.

265 TV Marathons & Specials for 4th of July Weekend 2011. So you’ll have something to do between picnics, parades, and fireworks.

Ten Big Uncle Sams. Americans, take this larger-than-life symbol with you as you celebrate the holiday weekend.

Gettysburg: The Great Reunion of 1913.

5 Reasons The Founding Fathers Were Kind Of Dicks.

Stars and Stripes Forever.

What patriotic song are you?

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