Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun Links

The 17th-Century Breastoration: A Time Before Bras.

Come on, son, you've got to take your medicine. It's good -here, I'll show you.

The History of Rap, Part Two.

What would you put googly eyes on?

The Most Popular Sailboat Names. Remember Number 14 the next time you are called upon to name a boat.

Cyanide, Uranium, and Ammonium Nitrate: When Kids Really Had Fun With Science. I guessed we learned too much, because now you can’t even buy decent cold medicine without drawing suspicion that you’re up to something.

In the town of Wagah that straddles India and Pakistan, the border closes with a ceremony at 5PM every day. Tourists love the pomp, swagger, and faux menace which are remnants of the real thing.

The varied world of pop culture mashups. If you can think of two things, they can be combined in fan art.

A prison guard took security footage of a real escape and gave it the Benny Hill treatment. His supervisors are not the least bit happy about it.

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