Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Good Reads and Interesting Links

What was that weird expanding halo of light seen from Hawaii? It looked like a giant blowing bubbles, but astronomy forums have worked out a more reasonable explanation.

15 Badass Recipients Of The Dickin Medal. This is an award for animals who served honorably during wartime, even the pigeons.

How do polar bears cope with shrinking ice caps? They eat less, grow less, and have fewer cubs -all bad signs for their future.

2 True and 2 False Origins of Tongue Twisters And Nursery Rhymes.

6 Beloved 80s Toys With Bizarrely Horrifying Origin Stories. And what does this say about the movers and shakers who grew up on these tales? (NSFW text)

Our earth is a dynamic place that moves and changes with no regard to humans or anyone else. Cracked looks at five events that left behind some serious scars. (NSFW text)

First, they made killing infants illegal, then they outlawed sex determination before abortions. Now families in India who want sons are resorting to gender reassignment surgery to turn their daughters into boys.

Stephen Colbert was approved to form his own super PAC (political action committee), so he can campaign for any person or issue and doesn’t have to disclose who finances it. Which is all to highlight how ridiculous U.S. campaign financing laws have become.

6 Historical Snitches (Who Weren’t Named Judas). Because including Judas would make it seven.

The Shocking True Tale Of The Mad Genius Who Invented Sea-Monkeys. The man behind the “Bowlful of Happiness” was Harold von Braunhut, who produced a lot of bizarreness besides sea monkeys. (via Nag on the Lake)

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