Monday, November 08, 2010

Funny Links

A man has a really close call when he falls through the roof. No, the close call comes after he hits the ground.

10 Most Memorable TV Thanksgivings. If you don’t remember them all that well, there’s always YouTube.

Kurt Vonnegut Didn’t Know Doodly-Squat About Writing: Finally, Literary Analysis Worth Reading. Knowing this is fiction doesn’t make this scenario any less fascinating. (via Metafilter)

The new Chicago soccer team is going to be called the Fire. That takes some balls. got schooled in the ways of Star Trek fandom when they posted an article containing errors about the Trek universe. So they printed an apology with corrections, itself containing many errors.

Birds of a Feather. Three weird stories of poultry.

This young woman is having altogether too much fun with the special effects. Bet you can’t watch this all the way through without laughing!

Advice on Cleaning Up. You only have to decide who to take advice from. I suggest Mom.

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