Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun and Funny Links

The World's Laziest Inventions.

10 Regrettable Christmas Toy Crazes. Only time will tell if this year’s must-have gifts land on a list like this someday. (via Interesting Pile)

A Life on Facebook. It’s a lot like other lives, but much better documented.

What kind of trendy, ultramodern wedding processional can you have when you manage of group of professional dancers? What if those dancers happened to be the Chippendales?

23 years’ worth of soap opera romance condensed into 6 minutes. This video flowchart from hell is psychologically exhausting.

What is “People who are not Ken Jennings”?: Other Notable Jeopardy! Contestants. The mental_floss magazine columnist is not the only Jeopardy whiz you should know.

Mad Aunt Bernards Tortoise Poetry is the nuttiest blog ever! I love it. (via Monkeyfilter)

If Silly Bands are too silly for you, you might prefer Wear A Willy, which is still silly but also NSFW. (Thanks, Mark!)

Epic Duck March. Brighten your morning by watching ducks waddle along to some snappy music.

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