Monday, August 25, 2008

Murphy's Laws of Moving

Anything that can go wrong, will. Not quite, because I can think of a million worse things, but I'm not going to mention them because I don't want to jinx myself. But several things have gone wrong with our move to a new house. Most of them today.

1. I contacted the cable company last Thursday. I thought I had everything straight. The girl read my order back to me and said she would call me as soon as she got a service call scheduled. She didn't call back. Friday morning, a cable installer comes to my OLD home, ready to install new cable. Wrong. And I had told them that I wouldn't have access to the new house til Friday night anyway. So he left and said they would call me as soon as the order was straightened out. No they didn't. Monday morning, I call the cable company. They apologized for not calling me, blaming it on the other woman I talked to. They look up my account, and say that yes, a service call is scheduled Tuesday between 8 and 5, and I will have to be there. It's a good thing I called to check, because otherwise, I'd never know. So I get to wait all day tomorrow at the new house to see IF they will show up.

2. The refrigerator in the new house is really nice, but doesn't work. A friend who sells appliances came out and diagnosed it as a dead compressor, so he doesn't want it. So now I have to pay the city to haul off my old refrigerator AND pay this guy to transport the refrigerator from the old house. Unless I just buy a new one.

3. There is no hot water. The appliance guy tried to turn on the heater, but it wouldn't work. Turns out that the main gas is off. I went to the gas company Thursday to transfer my account, but they never bothered to turn it on. I'll call them tomorrow while I wait for the cable guy.

4. So many of my massive antiques will not fit in the new house. Several of the rooms have their corners cut to accommodate closets and bathrooms, which were not standard when the house was built 103 years ago.

5. I'm being nickel and dimed to death. I had to buy a vacuum cleaner. I haven't had one in twenty years, so I didn't know they were THAT expensive! Plus fees to change over three utilities, and the phone company will probably charge me for leaving my land line forever. I had to buy a smaller trash bin, new toilet brushes, different casters made for carpet, light bulbs, etc etc etc. I don't even want to think about paying for insurance, property tax, and utilities for two houses for who knows how long.

6. I couldn't move anything in the truck today because it's raining. Tomorrow, more rain. We've been desperate for rain for weeks, but this is not the best time for me personally.

OK, I got that off my chest. Now maybe I can take a nice hot shower and.... sleep on the floor in my old house. My bed is at the new house, but there's no refrigerator, hot water, or internet access. Tomorrow will be better.

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