Monday, August 04, 2008

Information Links

10 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Olympic Games.

Vegans can't decide whether they are allowed to eat honey. Sure, we exploit the bees' labor, but they don't die as a result.

The World's Worst Olympians. Some countries don't bring home many medals, but they have their reasons. Some should get kudos for just making the attempt.

Couch potatoes may someday get their exercise in pill form. But don't wait around for it; so far it's only worked for mice.

10 Skills You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything. It's never too late to start developing them.

The Homeless Got Talent! The stories of eleven musical acts, artists, and one dancer who rose from the streets to entertain us (with videos).

A new study says parents harm their children's development if they ban tree-climbing or conkers. I'm all for tree-climbing, but since I don't know what conkers are, I'm afraid my kids are doomed.

Tips for getting rid of junk mail before it gets to you. Which beats throwing it in a landfill, like most folks do.

A spectator's guide to the Olympics. A short course on ten events you should check out.

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