Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Information Links

Uncle Sam Wants Your Brain. The US military is taking a close look at cognitive science and technologies, in ways that could lead to some frightening situations.

6 Reasons Today’s Olympic Swimmers are Breaking so many World Records.

A computer engineer who immigrated to the US legally 17 years ago was detained due to a misdirected notice, denied contact with his wife and children, then left to die of undiagnosed cancer.

Top 10 Stinky Cheeses in the World. Yet, somebody still buys -and eats them.

How to tell when leftovers go bad. If it grows legs and walks off, that's a pretty conclusive sign.

You can't judge a person's heart attack risk by looks alone. Half of overweight people have healthy hearts, while skinny folks can be at risk.

Robot Has Biological Brain Made From Rat Neurons. Last seen running away from Robocat.

When and how can someone be declared dead? "Brain death" and "cardiac death" use different criteria, with consequences for organ donation.

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