Friday, August 08, 2008

Information Links

Nearly a billion people need glasses to read, but cannot afford them. AdSpecs are cheap, adjustable magnification lens glasses that may bring sight to the poorest people of the world.

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Oil.

How the rich think. In 2006 at least 32 of the UK's 54 billionaires paid no income tax at all. The gap between rich and poor is wider than ever. But that doesn't seem to bother Britain's wealthiest earners.

How to Tell Time Without a Clock. The sun, moon, and stars will do just fine but clouds can ruin your efforts.

The St. Petersburg Times has a heartbreaking account of a feral child found living in an urban apartment under horrific conditions. Danielle was almost seven years old, yet she had never been to school, didn’t speak, and did not react to human contact.

Worth a Bookmark: Hard to Find 800 Numbers. A site that makes it more difficult for companies to hide from their customers.

A daily pill to prevent HIV infection? If it works, it will be a lot more expensive than condoms.

A tour of the world's largest illegal arms market, in Pakistan via Afghanistan. They live in caves and they've been making guns for hundreds of years.

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