Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Information Links

How to watch the Olympics online. A list of sites that are offering various video channels. Find many more Olympic references, stories, and videos at Miss Cellania.

A look at what makes a woman choose to have plastic surgery, and the many choices she has. It's all about the baby face.

Salicornia is a plant that can be eaten, ground into grain, or squeezed for oil, and it grows in salt water. Ocean agriculture may be the wave of the future.

Origins of Familiar Phrases. Do you wanna lay an egg, bury the hatchet, chew the fat, beat around the bush, or read between the lines?

Watch lightning strike in super slow motion. Freaky cool, but still scary.

If plagiarism doesn't catch up with you in college, it certainly will on the internet. Even if it takes years.

DNA tests on the mummy of King Tut and two fetuses found in his tomb may indicate whether he fathered them. If ancient Pharoahs weren't always marrying their sisters, we could chart the genealogies of the Egyptian mummies.

Drug-resistant Superbugs are confounding medical and public health experts. What doesn't kill them only makes them stronger.

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