Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fun and Funny Links

Ten Films That Should Be Broadway Musicals (with song suggestions included). If Legally Blonde can do it, why not Jaws?

Actual Laws Against Sexual Activity in America.

The Top Ten Sex Toys you could keep on your mantelpiece.

Leave Barack Alone!

A lesson in writing screenplays for Hollywood. They want a PG rating, and know exactly how to get it. (via Blue Gal)

A new music video has G.I. Joe action figures recreating the movie The Thing.

Attack of the Killer Broccoli! War has broken out in the vegetable garden, and you must control the asparagus to defeat the evil broccoli.

Funny exam answers. Bluffing probably won't earn you test points, but making your teacher smile is worth something!

Can you guess where my accent is from? I scored better than I expected in this game, although I can't distinguish accents in different cities in England.

A massive colony of ants builds a nest inside guy's printer/scanner. A little Terro will take care of that, but I'd probably still toss the printer.

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