Thursday, May 29, 2008

Links Just for Fun

12 Odd & Unusual Chocolate Flavored Items. I might try the toothpaste, but I’ll skip the sushi. (via Geek Like Me)

How to fold a shirt. Pay attention.

8 Smooches That (sort-of) Shook the World. A kiss is just a kiss, unless it makes headlines the way these did!

Math geeks go disco with I Will Derive!

Vehicle crash tests are necessary for the development of safety innovations for consumers. And they are a lot of fun to watch when you’ve got dozens of them all smashed together.

The New York Times named its profile of webcomic xkcd and creator Randall Munroe “This Is Funny Only if You Know Unix”. I beg to differ, since I don’t know Unix and I find his comics hilarious almost all the time.

Fireflies is a pleasant little game where you aim for as many fireflies as you can. Ricochet shots count, too! (via Dump Trumpet)

Old Australian cookbooks are on exhibit at the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney. Some of the recipes are pretty strange from today’s view. (via Fark)

Fred Astaire dances to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

Imagine you are taking a CPR training course and your “dummy” wakes up!

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