Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Links

How president Bush is portrayed in international advertisements.

MUTO, an awesome graffiti animation. This must have taken forever to put together.

7 Memorable Commencement Addresses. Ali G gives his advice, Kurt Vonnegut wasn’t the one to advise you on sunscreen, and lots of surprising speakers who never got a degree.

The cutest collection of mother and baby animals you’ll see today.

21-year-old William Lopez was ejected from his graduation ceremony Thursday at Yankee Stadium. New York University held its commencement at the ballpark because of construction at Washington Square Park. The students were told to stay off the field, but Lopez couldn’t resist the temptation to run the bases.

I have no idea what the science is here, but the graphic is quite interesting. (via b3ta)

How to take a woman’s clothes off using a mechanical shovel.

A best-of list you never want to be a part of: The 21 Best Mugshots Evar. The guy at #1 already has fanfiction written about him.

Can you name all the US states in ten minutes? Spelling counts, but the map makes it easy. I did it in 3:45, rather slow because I don’t touch type. If you want to try it without a map, go here.

What can you do when you have to load your bobcat on a truck and you have no ramp? Watch and learn from a master.

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