Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good Reads and Information

Sorry, Absinthe Trippers: Scientists Say You're Just Really Drunk. Wormwood is not the hallucinogenic it’s made out to be.

It’s a pity that marvelous old architecture is left to rot, often due to lack of funds. But there’s beauty to be found in the ruins, as you’ll see in this collection of abandoned hotels from all over.

Grain Companies' Profits Soar As Global Food Crisis Mounts.

The healthiest chain restaurants and what you should order from them. Just in case you absolutely cannot find any other place to eat besides a chain restaurant.

Real-life Superman’s survival confounds the experts. A fireman is trapped in a burning building, falls 3 stories, lifts an impossibly heavy beam, and lives to tell the tale.

The Ultimate Act of Sportsmanship. Which is more important, this game, or someone else's last chance at a career highlight? Read this story and try not to tear up. (via Metafilter)

16 Surefire Ways to Make Your Commute Less Stressful. Calling in sick did not make the list.

Intelligence And Rhythmic Accuracy Go Hand In Hand. That still doesn’t make you a good dancer.

8 Essential Gadgets For a Secret Agent. All available for sale to James Bond wannabes.

Happy May Day! ...Whatever that means to you.

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