Friday, November 11, 2005


Hey, we can laugh at just about anything, but you have to admit, Geeks are the real modern heroes. Several times over the last year, I've had to sent out a "damsel in distress" email to my Geek Squad. They always seem to come through with just the help I need (especially Ken).

How much of a Geek are you? This one’s a pretty simple test, I only missed one (#4) where I made a wild guess.

This is a much more extensive and useful test. If you don't know exactly what a Geek is, trying to answer these questions will give you a really good overview of geekdom.

+ Geekish Tendencies.....................≥09%
++ Geek.............................................≥15%
+++ Total Geek................................≥25%
++++ Major Geek............................≥35%
+++++ Super Geek..........................≥45%
++++++ Extreme Geek...................≥55%
+++++++ Geek God........................≥65%
+++++++! Dysfunctional Geek......≥75%

I scored Total Geek 31.6%. I got extra points for being female, but not enough to make a difference in my category.

In case you want to raise your Geek quotient, come to terms with your Geekiness, or just embrace your inner Geek, you’ll want to become familiar with the Code of the Geeks v3.12.

While researching this subject, I came across this town in Japan that caters to geeks, cooking tips for geeks, (including a blog for hungry geeks called Cooking for Engineers), and some really good advice to geeks on picking up women.

Non geeks often have trouble communitcating with Geeks. There does seem to be a language barrier.

Do you know your geeks? Try this: Geek or Serial Killer? (thanks, Ed!)

Genuine Geeks may go straight to this link: Geek Fantasies.
Didn’t find many sites along those lines. The world needs more Geek Porn.

Reasons Geeks Can't Sleep

11. Not because of caffeine. Just can't stop thinking about coffee.
10. Converting MP3 collection to OGG taking longer than you thought.
9. Dorito crumbs on sheets cause unbearable itching.
8. Borg costume needed redesigning because it just wasn't realistic enough.
7. Had to keep checking the torrent to make sure it was still downloading.
6. Too scared to sleep after watching "Hackers" and knowing they can make more movies like it.
5. MMORPG withdrawal causing uncontrolable shaking.
4. Removed your bed to make room for the server rack.
3. Years of living underground have made your eyelids translucent.
2. Watched special edition of Star Wars and still pissed off over Greedo shooting first.
1. Had to sell bed to buy new graphics card.

Programmers Drinking Song

99 little bugs in the code,
99 little bugs in the code,
fix one bug, compile it again,
101 little bugs in the code.
101 little bugs in the code.....
(Repeat until no more bugs)

For Geeks who saw some humor in the above joke, here's the song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" in various (I mean hundreds) of programming languages. You may also add yours!

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Thought for today: There are only 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t.



Carl said...


What did I get wrong?!?!?!?!?!

Miss Cellania said...

You probably don't spend enough time playing D&D. Or dressing up in SF costumes.

Carl said...

I have three RenFest outfits, two swords, a, errrrr, man-purse (doublets lack pockets...taht's my story and I'm sticking with it), two capes, and a really cool set of boots!

Kirby said...

57.79093% Extreme Geek

Some of my highlights...

Dated and married a geek.

Named pets after everything except mythological beings.

I was once seriously involved in the SCA.

Read all those authors EXCEPT Robert Jordan.

Read entire computer and caluculator manuals.

We own 5 computers that are currently useable, connected to a home network.

I actually have played and owned Call of Cthulu (and the minivan has a Miskatonic University bumper sticker).

I play music that nobody ever listens to (Guillame de Machaut, anyone?)

created a website ( for a company I used to work for) before 1996. That's scary - it is GONE! They must have gone out of business. Oh well, has it. The earliest versions they have are mine. Oh well, the proof that I created it before 1996 is there. Click on the ftpweblog (bottom) link of the Nov 7, 1996 copy of the page to see the results of a perl script I wrote to show our web stats. Dates are 1995!

Miss Cellania said...

Considering that 99% of the people in the WORLD would score under 10% in this test, you guys are scary!

Gary said...

I got 9 of 10 on the simple test and it scared me so much I had to go get a coffee. I can't handle the longer one - what if I am a geek! Well, I'll find the courage and go for it - maybe I will get rich someday in my new identity.