Thursday, February 08, 2024

The Iron Giant

The 1999 animated film The Iron Giant is famous for making everyone in the audience cry. It was a box office dud, mainly because of Warner Bros. inadequate promotion. The company made up for it when The Iron Giant was released on home video and ended up being considered a classic.


WTM said...

The director of this film was Brad Bird, and Pixar lost no time in hiring him away from Warners once they saw how good the film actually was. His first film for Pixar was, of course 2004's The Incredibles, and it contains a number of sly references to this film.

Warner's competence as animated film makers died with the likes of Chuck Jones.

Anonymous said...

When an ad for a film was presented in print or on TV, I always considered the "From the stdio that brought you..." and "From the director of..." a waste of time and money. If you liked something they did you must like everything they do from that point on? No.