Monday, February 19, 2024

That Time Eddie Vedder Rode a Mic Cord

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was quite an athlete of sorts back in the day. He was famous for climbing the light rigging at concerts. You can see a long compilation of these stunts here. The most amazing was at a Rock the Vote concert in Seattle on September 20th, 1992. Vedder had thrown the microphone up, and it tangled in the rig about 20 feet up. What to do? It would have been simple to just replace the mic and cord, but no. Vedder climbed the scaffolding, inched over to the mic, and untangled it most of the way.

But then he realized that if he freed the cord entirely, he would have to either climb down or jump, and he was getting tired. So he just slid down the mic cord! We don't know what damage that did to his hands, but the cord did not break. And a legend was enshrined in rock 'n' roll history. (via reddit, where you can see an alternate video of the same stunt)

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