Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps

Don’t be put off by the title of this video! If you don’t want to lose weight, or you don’t need tips on losing weight, you should be told that it’s way more than that. It’s a story. Contains NSFW language.

The story is from Aaron Bleyaert, based on a blog post he wrote. He’s one of Conan O’Brien’s staff writers, which is why you might spot Conan in a small role. The lead character Chris is played by Beck Bennett from Saturday Night Live all the way through, despite his weight loss over the course of the story. (via reddit)


WilliamRocket said...

Wow, at 160 kilograms that person SHOULD lose weight, and quickly.
The morbidity risk of having to pump one's blood around such a vast collection of fat and muscle is huge, let alone the damage to one's knees, hips and self esteem.

I'm a solid built man, and ...slipping into the, for me, very old fashioned and cumbersome imperial measurement system ... weigh somewhere around 19 stones (based on the stones being round and about 160mm in diameter) and stand a English king's thumb length (from the first to the second knuckle) and six feets tall ... and even though I present as a perfect specimen, it is a fact of life that I should lose some of the weight I carry, but wow, imagine being 160 kilograms !!!

Thats like me carrying an extra 35 or 40 kilograms ... two bags of cement ! ... might as well hoist my 13 year old granddaughter up on my shoulders and keep her there until I collapse or die !

I think 40 kilograms is about £80.

Been a while since I mocked about you all not embracing the metric system .... its the same as your money system btw.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to lose one shilling, twopence.