Thursday, February 29, 2024

Candide Thovex: One of Those Days 3

French professional skier Candide Thovex returns to give us a POV thrill as he does impossible, or at least illegal, things while sliding on snow at terrifying speeds.  

Watch out for that tree! And the pond! And the helicopter! Thovex really went out of his way to raise the wow factor from the previous installment in this series. The overall effect is that of a human Rube Goldberg device on snow. You have to wonder how many broken bones must one endure on the way to becoming this good. (via Digg


Anonymous said...

If those weren't his rock skis at the beginning of the run,they were by the end.

Anonymous said...

Some people are natural athletes with quicker reflexes, better balance, and coordination.
Once in awhile one of those, often with the lack of fear too, works hard at getting very good at some sport or activity.
Then occasionally one of them figures out a way to make money from that hard work and dedication by doing the impossible.
The rest of us write them off as being nuts.

Andy said...

He's going to lose his deposit when he takes those skis back.