Wednesday, February 28, 2024

GuiGe's Simple Life

byu/int9r infunny

This guy goes way too hard to make his life simple. Pure nonsense, well done. His white pants stay clean while everything around him is dirty. He can't be bothered to brush his own teeth, but builds a stove with a hammer and chisel. And what's the deal with the toilet? But the parts you'll really remember are the video effects involving the chicken and the fish. This is Hong Kong YouTuber GuiGe doing a parody of all those "rural life in China" videos. The sequence above is an excerpt from a much longer video called Mama Rong's Rural Life, featuring his mother. The weirdness of contrasting primitive and technical elements, the special effects, and the complete absurdity of it all will keep you watching. (via reddit)

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WilliamRocket said...

That reminds me of an artwork, from years ago now, depicting a farmer and his cat ... they stand in front of a barn.

Next to them are a sheep, a cow, a chicken and a pig ... the farmer, sharp axe in hand, indicates to the cat which of the animals he should kill to provide food for the cat.

The farmer wears a striped blue and white apron as a 'subtle' hint to those unaware that he was about to act as a butcher.

The cat, I feel he was black and white, sat in a typical cat attitude.

The sky was blue with a few clouds.

Crickets chirped as we collectively waited