Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Good Dogs of the Crufts Dog Show

We love to see champion dogs strut their stuff, but the most entertaining part of any dog show are those dogs who do not fit the standard of their sport or even of their breed. Watch a compilation of dogs from the annual Crufts Dog Show charm the crowd by going their own way, when they are supposed to be racing down a track or following an agility course. They are certainly not supposed to be peeing on the judges!  

The 2024 Crufts Dog Show will be held March 7-10 in Birmingham, UK. We will see an avalanche of videos featuring the most beautiful, well-behaved champions, the fastest race dogs, and the fearlessly adept agility competitors. And if we are lucky, we'll see the dogs who don't do so well, and we'll enjoy them all the more. They are all good dogs. (via Fark)

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