Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dora the Beagle Finds New life Outside the Lab

Dora was "retired" as a subject from a medical research facility. It might be better to say that she was "rescued." Dora didn't know anything about living in a family or even how to climb stairs. She'd spent her life in a cage, and was terrified by all the new and scary things the world presented. But then she was taken into care by the organization One Tail at a Time in Chicago. They placed her with a foster family, where she was taught how to trust people, how to deal with the outdoors, and all the things a good dog should know. Now she's with her forever family, and has turned into a happy, well-adjusted beagle. It's amazing what love and patience can do!

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Anonymous said...

Good for her and thank you to the folks who helped her.
However, the words "Beagle" and "well-adjusted" are opposites. LoL
Normal Neuroticism would be more better.