Saturday, March 18, 2023

He Built a Cat Room

Any cat would love to have a place they call their own. Korean YouTuber haha ha built a complete scaled-down room to find out. It's got carpet, wallpaper, a bed, table, sofa, wall art, a clock, and a dresser stuffed with cat treats. It also has a pitched roof over top! This room is also outfitted with a transparent wall and surveillance cameras for our enjoyment. Come on, you would do the same thing if you had a shop and a 3D printer. The room was built for Samsaek, but he welcomes his friends Gilmak, Giljook, Dongle, Yattong, and Dodo, until Dongle gets a little too close to the dresser full of treats. These are certainly pampered cats!

1 comment:

xoxoxoBruce said...

I suppose they'll all chip in to hire a cleaning lady so that doesn't become choked with cat hair and threads from clawing the walls and furniture.