Wednesday, March 22, 2023


What a messed up ad. Jake hasn't had a job since 2013, but he sells T-shirts at Phish concerts? Uh, that's a job. By the looks of him, he's not going to Phish concerts because he's a fan. And why the hate? Your daughter married him. (via reddit)


gwdMaine said...

Outside the fact that most religions can be considered cults, Jake from Phish is probably selling t-shirts at 40 bucks a pop with a 300% profit margin. Personally, I think dad lost his daughter well before she married Jake (bet they met at a Metallica concert). Contradictions aside, I'm sure the add works because Texas; which is where that law furm is.

DWVR said...

Idiots get scammed easily. How do you scam an idiot? With idiotic ads like this one. But how do you find the idiots in the first place? Again, with ads like this.