Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dating Tip

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WilliamRocket said...

Here in Australia and New Zealand, we have picked up on Americanisms seen on TV and the movies, at least the young idiots have, so a lot of us say BUTT and we mean our sitting bits, such as butt cheeks.
We also say date as a colloquialism for anus, although I am not sure how that came about, probably from the visual alikeness.

Australia and New Zealand are seperate and different countries.

Australia pretty much banned all privately owned guns after some dickhead shot a whole lot of people in Tasmania, back in 1996.

New Zealand, currently having all its government departments renamed in the indigenous language (even though the indigenous only make up around 8% and are all of mixed European and Maori blood, almost guaranteeing that the present group of elected are kicked out by the remaining 92% of voters that are of European, Chinese, Indian, Pacific Island, South African And Australian descent) sort of tried to stop automatic gun ownership after a Muslim church was shot up (by an Australian !!) but has really failed and we now have a lot of people driving around with guns, like a mini bloody America.

Sorry, don't mean to sound rude (or racist) but sometimes the people elected are just complete morons and can't see what is fair and important.

Talking about butts we may have been, but SOMEONE got sidetracked.

gwdMaine said...

I'm so confused.