Saturday, March 25, 2023

Weird Innovations in Pizza

Pizza has been around for hundreds of years. First conceived in Naples, Italy, it was improved with tomato sauce and became an American staple food. The competition between pizza parlors and other providers has reached a fever pitch, leading to competition over the "next big thing" in pizza, whether it's a better recipe, faster delivery, reduced labor costs, or the most outrageous advertising gimmick. Weird History Food abandons trying to tell the complete history of pizza in order to bring us the most innovative and bizarre recent pizza schemes, all in the name of making us crave a hot and tasty slice of pizza. They weren't all successful, or even edible, but they do show some thinking outside the pizza box.    


Anonymous said...

I thought it would be odd pizzas--like the one I had at a fancy restaurant in Denver: cheese, prosciutto ham, cantaloupe, and honey dew.

newton said...

I remember Zume robot pizzas. They were delivery-only but they wouldn't deliver to my home despite the fact I only lived a few miles away, but they would deliver 15 miles to the Sand Hill area of Menlo Park, which is where all the venture capital firms were. They knew who their real customers were--the investors!

Despite that, I wanted to try it so I figured out that you could have the pizza 'delivered' to where they made it. So I went down to their little robot factory and they brought it to my car. It was actually pretty good so I did this a number of times until it went under.