Thursday, February 18, 2016

37 Ways You Might Be Weird

Have you been told you’re weird all your life? If that’s the case, you probably already know that you are weird. But everyone is different from the majority in some way, even if it’s something small that makes you different from other people. The List Show from mental_floss tells you quite a few ways you might be in the minority. Or in other words, weird. What makes you weird? I don’t regularly watch sports on TV, but I make an exception for the Olympics, so that doesn’t count. However, I do wash my hands properly -many times a day, because I cook a lot. And I don’t take any prescription medicine. I am an early bird and a night owl. I know who is on Mount Rushmore. So I’m weird. Just like everyone.

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Bilbo said...

I love public speaking, and have long been recognized as weird. Go, me!