Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Links

Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday of the Year. (via Bits and Pieces)

Top 10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Eve Is the Best Bar Night of the Year. This is especially true for college students coming home. NSFW text.

5 Thanksgiving Disasters You're Probably Not Prepared For. And if you're not, this will scare you away from ever hosting the big dinner at your place. NSFW text.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving. Of course, the most stress-free Thanksgiving is one where you don't cook! (via Metafilter)

14 Great Examples of Thanksgiving Food Art.

Eat Like the Pilgrims. That means preparing Thanksgiving dinner with no microwave, no can openers, and no sugar!

The classic WKRP Turkey Drop.

Posters for rejected Thanksgiving films.

Five Other Thanksgiving Holidays. Gratitude is the theme, not the turkey and football.

Thanksgiving dinner will cost a bit more this year than in years past. Here are the numbers.

Let's Talk Turkey!

Manly Ways to Prepare Turkey. And here are another 5 Odd Holiday Dishes to go with that adventurous bird.

Great Food Ideas For A Fantasy and Sci-Fi Themed Thanksgiving. Just in case you'd rather have fun with friends than eat turkey and watch football.

7 people who will ruin your Thanksgiving dinner. And guess what? The table only holds eight!

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