Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Funny Links

The Effect of Television on Sexual Behavior.

How to Write Romance Novels. The formula is spot-on, but the example left me in stitches.

Eddie Murphy says he’s through with family movies and wants to get edgy again. Eventually, he may get around to finding a new project.

We Are The 1%. College Humor’s sketch on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot for Playboy magazine. Here’s what her data sheet might look like.

Parkour fits into video game worlds perfectly, if only you can find someone who’s good at it. These three videos show how a talented person can fight his way out of a maze.

Blowing Stuff Up with Science! See how different chemical combinations and safety goggles can make a great compilation video.

A gecko saves another gecko from a snake attack. Not only is this a gripping adventure, but it appears to have happened inside someone’s home.

Cosmic Plaything.

The 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China didn't make much sense. Even star Kurt Russell was completely confused, and he allegedly read the script!

A bear in a zoo leads a group of children in a group dance. Or maybe he was just asking for their picnic basket.

A vanity plate to aid the color-blind.

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