Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Reads and Info

The Occupy Wall Street movement was losing steam after two months, until the police crackdown Tuesday night. It may have been just what the protesters needed.

Sour candy? That stuff will rot your teeth -kinda like soaking them in battery acid.

6 Attempts at Damage Control That Caused Way Bigger Problems. It's called the Streisand Effect after a real-life example.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is taking a new look into the case of actress Natalie Wood’s death. A new book has some information that should have been disclosed 30 years ago -if it’s true.

Staggeringly Tall and Mind-Blowingly Old. I used to date a guy like that, but we’re supposed to be talking about magnificent trees.

Magnetism, electricity, traffic, cell phones, pesticides, and other features of modern living may have serious effects on babies in the womb. If that’s not depressing enough, antidepressants can also cause problems.

Retirement may become a thing of the past as people work into their elderly years. Some like to work, but others just can’t afford to quit.

An undercover FBI agent spent twenty years infiltrating white supremacist groups. Now 59 and sick, John Matthews wants to tell his story before its too late.e.

The ‘mysterious’ whale graveyard discovered in a desert. The twenty or so whales of various species date two to seven million years back.

A portable shelter inspired by a an armadillo’s shell won the Bustler’s annual Zombie Safe House Design Competition. It has many of the comforts of home, folds up into backpack size, and should protect you from the undead.

How Merrill, Goldman and the Brothers Lehman made their Money. Even those who are too big to fail had to start somewhere.

Neighbors aren’t always neighborly, especially when they’ve both decided to spruce up their yard at the other’s expense.

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