Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Good Reads, Etc.

Caffeinated Beef Jerky is the Army’s newest food on the go. And why not? It’s lightweight, lasts forever, and guys love jerky already.

5 Feisty Presidential Daughters. They’re not only part of history, but a lot more fun than actual politicians!

The Waffle Game That Changed Their Lives. After you read the story, you’ll want the recipe. (via Metafilter)

The Guy Who Died on a TV Talk Show.

Kal Penn talks about going from Hollywood to Obama’s inner circle and back again. He’s not ruling out a return trip, or incorporating politics in a movie plot.

Six Russian astronauts volunteered for a simulated mission to Mars in which they stayed in an isolated capsule with each other for months at a time. The mission was declared a success when they didn’t kill each other.

A doctor has developed a technique for permanently turning your brown eyes blue with laser treatment. Then you and your blue-eyed spouse will have to do some explaining to your brown-eyed children.

Coming Tuesday, an asteroid will zip by the earth more closely than any other in decades. It won’t hit us (knock wood), but it will come closer to us than the moon.

Serial Killer vs. Mass Murderer: What’s the Difference? With a few examples of each you might not already know.

How To Explain Gay Rights To An Idiot.

The Twisted History of the game Twister.

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