Thursday, November 24, 2011

Links for Fun

A Device to Deter a Bear. A ridiculous device. Let me show you it.

An award-winning hack puts YouTube videos on the front of your microwave. They’re not only for entertainment; the videos are selected to be the exact length you must wait for your hot ramen.

The man who made things fly. Like washing machines and lawnmowers and …suddenly I feel my life has been wasted.

The people in charge of getting the stadium ready should remember how big football players are. Terrell Brown is 377 pounds, which is no match for this flimsy chair.

If The Lord of the Rings had been made in 1944, I might have starred Humphrey Bogart, and might have looked something like this. Peter Lorre makes a pretty good Gollum.

Every week, we wonder which is the principle characters in The Walking Dead will end up as zombies. Here’s a look at their possible fates.

When you mashup Spongebob Squarepants with “Party Rock Anthem,” you make a 33-second video seem like three minutes. And then the tune gets stuck in your head! In most DVD commentary tracks, you get some insight into how the film was made, or at least extra trivia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commentary on Total Recall is a literal description of what you can see with your eyes, which makes it funnier than the movie alone.

Oscar the kitten may have been born blind, but things are looking up for him. Watch him in his new home, discovering what toys are for.

Ride down a mountain on an Alpine coaster. You might want to have some Dramamine before watching this video.

Doctor Who wants his hat back. This delightful story puts the Doctor in a children’s book role.

How many of pop culture faces can you identify from these minimalist icons? Sure, they look easy, but see how many there are!

A study shows drinking beer is good for you. But only one beer a day for maximum health benefits.

15 Songs You Always Knew, But Never Knew The Names Of. I am almost ashamed to admit that I knew almost all of them by name.

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