Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Fun Links

Watch the entire pilot episode of Gilligan's Island, with a different Professor and two girls you don't even know, setting out on a doomed six-hour tour.

Top Ten Birds That Could Kick Your Ass. (via Unique Daily)

You'd be surprised to see what TV newscasters do during commercial breaks. (via I Am Bored)

Loss Cat. (via Everlasting Blort)

Ten Movie Endings Spoiled By History. (via Look At This)

What happened at 3:18 PM?

Can you ace this logic test? Or would you rather argue about the answers?

This dog wants her blanket! And she knows exactly how to get it.

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Julian Meteor said...

Hi Miss C but I was TRYING to find a more discreet way of contacting you after WEEKS of reasearch but I have failed, so I'm just going with the "to hell with it" approach!!!! lol

Are you single?
You are H.O.T!!!! You are one SWEET honey lol

Can we hook up?

Let me know; either way


PS VWE, CAN travel etc