Monday, January 26, 2009

Information Links

This handy list of Oscar nominees will prepare you for the awards on February 22nd. This list of Razzie nominees will tell you which movies to avoid.

The rise and fall of a video game champion. Playing video games professionally wasn't as easy as it looked in 1982.

How to Lose $20 Billion of Value in 2 Trading Days. The story of Bank of America and its disastrous deal with Merrill Lynch.

Keeping your used car can save you big bucks in the long run. The author of this post figures he saved $25,000 by driving his '95 Prism instead of trading it for a new car.

She isn't as well-known as Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey, but Birute Mary Galdikas has devoted her life to the orangutans of Indonesia. She's worried about how palm oil plantations are dstroying their territory.

"If you started enforcing all the rules in Room 315 there would be no students — everyone would always be suspended." School of Hard Knocks is a heartbreaking 7-part series of articles about kids with behavioral problems in a Philadelpha high school. Links to each chapter are here.

The 20 Worst Foods in America 2009. Before you get sick thinking about it, know that they offer an alternative for each. (via Geek Like Me)

6 Words That Make Your Resume Suck. They appear on everyone's resume, but they don't mean anything. (via Lifehacker)

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