Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun and Funny Links

The Recently Deflowered Girl, an etiquette book for those awkward moments you hadn't planned for. By Edward Gorey writing as social expert Hyacinthe Phyppe.

Chatty Katty will talk your ear off. When your cat is already hyper, the last thing you want him in is your caffeine drink.

The Viral Video Pet Store. Why get just a dog or cat, when you can get one that will bring you millions of hits on YouTube?

Ricky Gervais inspires David Bowie to write a song about him. Too bad it's not a song you'd ever admit to inspiring.

The coolest test pattern ever! If you're too young to know what a test pattern is, just take my world for it -this is cool.

How to select your medical specialty. (via Metafilter)

Everyday Normal Crew. Jon Lajoie raps about people you can relate to -you probably know them. Language NSFW.

Watch artisans put designs inside hard candy. And you thought it was from a machine!

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