Monday, January 05, 2009

Good Reads

The End of the Financial World as We Know It. The mess we're in now required all sorts of important, plugged-in people to sacrifice our collective long-term interests for short-term gain.

5 Homeless Guys Who Accomplished Amazing Things. Any accomplishments are much more difficult without an address, bathroom, or place to keep your stuff.

Yesterday was the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille, who invented the reading system for the blind. The instrument that caused his blindness became the tool used for his invention. (via Fark)

25 of the Greatest Self-Made Men in American History. Finding a man like this is a lifetime project -I know!

Numbers are Innate. I'm surprised; I thought the process of learning math is why we have all these fingers and toes.

The Natural Basis for Gender Inequality. The sexes are so different, why should we work for equal rights?

Cities needlessly shine billions of dollars worth of light directly into the sky each year. Turn down the light pollution, and we'll be able to see the Milky Way. (via Metafilter)

The Legacy of Sadako. A 12-year-old girl who did fifty years ago is still inspiring people around the world.

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