Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Informative Links

The Phoenix Mars Lander has observed snow falling on Mars. No wonder it stayed passed its planned mission schedule.

Wired's Guide to Green Travel. You can see the world without destroying it -if you plan ahead a little.

Conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel turn 16. Yes, they had to take the driver's test twice.

What can you do with $700 billion? Buy seventy Hubble telescopes, pay off all the student loans in the country, or a lot of other things.

The telescope was patented 400 years ago. Although it took a while for people to trust the observations of scientists, the instrument changed out entire point of view.

There are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales left on earth. A research team from Boston's New England Aquarium knows them all, either by sight or by DNA.

The 200-year-old operating theater at the Pennsylvania Hospital is preserved as it was during its early use. Be thankful we only get a small taste of what surgery was like before anesthetics and antiseptics.

10 simple things you can do to improve your writing. I know I'm guilty of some of these, but seeing someone violate #8 drives me crazy!

Food companies are pushing cheaper foods. It turns out that cheap food products with a higher markup are altogether more profitable for them.

7 Abandoned Architectural Wonders of Modern Asia. Each with a different reason for abandonment.

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