Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun Links

A close look at donuts. Their past may be a mystery, but their present is sweet. (via YesButNoButYes)

Stop Motion Chess. With just the touch of violence the sport of kings needs.

Cunnilingus in North Korea.

Dolls and Toys that Creep us Out. It's that uncanny valley thing gain.

Run is a simple game that will drive you mad. The object is to not fall into the abyss of space while you run at a steady pace.

5 Reasons Luke Skywalker Is a Complete Idiot. No, you're not the only one who always thought so.

The McCain-Obama Dance Off. No matter what your politics are, you have to admit this video shows some sweet editing skills.

A sold-out art show in San Francisco pays tribute to LOLcats. You've made the big time now, kitteh.

A politician's chair breaks during an interview. He's not much of a "chairman", is he?

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