Sunday, October 19, 2008

Information Links

Blogging college students can try for a $10,000 scholarship! Enter yourself or someone you know, but hurry -the deadline for entry is October 30th.

The AIDS pandemic in Africa is leaving an entire generation of children without parents. Over a quarter million in Kenya are living on the streets, getting high on inhalants.

Can brain damage help you quit smoking? It did for some folks when the damage included a certain small area -the addiction center.

Having both love and sexual desire is nice, but according to this story they don't always correlate. Bonus: learn the separate body language cues for each.

The classic 1985 Frontline episode entitled A Class Divided is available online from PBS. It covers the daring 1968 classroom experiment a teacher conducted to teach what discrimination is like to third-graders in an all-white community.

How a Mega-Shredder Reduces a Sedan to Scrap. It's not only satisfyingly destructive, it's also some major recycling.

6 financial milestones you should reach before age 30. Even if you're over 30, you can still work toward these goals. (via Consumerist)

A third photo has emerged of Robert Johnson, the legendary bluesman with the long, long fingers. Along with the story of the photo, read the story of the musician himself. (via Metafilter)

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