Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Links

DIY Halloween Decorations. They're always better than the store-bought kind!

10 Stories About the Real Dracula.

The Twelve Creepiest Hotels. In real life, not the movies. Be warned it's a slideshow with one item on each page. I hate that.

The Ten Creepiest Masked Killers of All Time. From the movies.

Eight Real-Life Doctor Frankensteins Who Pushed the Boundaries of Life and Death. Warning: this post may induce nightmares.

How good are you at separating myth from fact? Take the Mythbusters Halloween Quiz. (via Interesting Pile)

World of Warcraft Pumpkin carving contest.

34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces, featuring scenes from movies, comics, computer logos, and video games.

Ray Villifane's pumpkin carvings.

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