Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Reads and Information

Ten Ways To Look Fabulous in Pictures. Memorize these tips for those occasions when someone suddenly feels the need to snap your picture. (via Geek Like Me)

Douglas Prasher discovered a gene that creates glowing protein, and gave it away freely to other scientists. Now three of those scientists have won Nobel prizes, and Prasher drives a shuttle for a car dealership. (via Terra Sigillata)

The pros and cons of restaurant tipping. Is there a better system? Could it ever be changed?

Surviving a rattlesnake bite. With pictures that may give you nightmares.

As the national economic meltdown takes its toll on local economies, some out-of-the-way states are enjoying unprecedented prosperity. Wyoming, West Virginia and North Dakota are doing surprisingly well.

Courts sometimes have to determine what a minor really wants, without undue influence from either parent. A case involving a 13-year-old's circumcision gives us a primer on how they do it.

Scenes from the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. Don't you wish they were televised the way the Olympics were?

How to Embalm a Body. This may be disturbing for the sensitive. (via Cynical-C)

How well could you eat on $25 a week? In some parts of the country, that challenge is rather difficult, as these volunteers found out.

Ten Meetings that Rocked the World. The sum of collaborative minds is sometimes more than anyone imagined.

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