Saturday, April 20, 2024

Where We Got Cannabis

Archaeologists have found cannabis remains in a 2,500-year-old grave, indicating it was used at the funeral. And you thought "putting the 'fun' in funeral" was just a mortuary joke. But seriously, folks, researching the origins of cannabis is difficult because it's been deliberately cultivated for so long that any cannabis growing wild is feral instead of truly wild, and documenting historic samples is iffy because of its illegal status in many places. Scientists were having a hard time even charting out its taxonomy until gene sequencing came along. What we do know is that the plant developed its amazing chemicals to deter enemies, but the cannabis plant had no idea that humans would come along and find those chemicals attractive.

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Anonymous said...

Funerals 2500 years ago before embalming or refrigeration may have improved the smell of the room.

I'm more interested in the research on Massospora, a fungus infecting Cicadas. The fungus replaces 1/3 of the insect with a fungus nursery while the Cicada goes about it's business. Granted the insect is preoccupied with looking to get laid but maybe because the fungus pumps it full of amphetamine and psilocybin.