Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Miss Cellania's Links

 The Fabulous Fabulist Lawyer Who Wasn’t, but Still Managed to Get a Man Off Death Row.

We’re All Mispronouncing Mount Everest’s Name.

Every Fallout Game Ranked Worst to Best.

A Device to Inject Ketchup Into French Fries.

In 1937, 24-year-old Charlie Johns married nine-year-old Eunice Winstead. (via reddit)

How to Make Perfectly Fluffy Mexican Red Rice in Under 30 Minutes.

TikToker Got Rid Of Her Chevy Tahoe After Paying Over $50,000 In Interest.

The Fall of the Queen of Airbnb. (via Metafilter)

Endangered Ocelots May Be Expanding Their Range in Texas.


Anonymous said...

You pull up to the drive up window smelling the sweet smells wafting out of the window during the transaction then head home with supper on the seat... within easy reach. Hmm... really should open the bag to let moisture out so things don’t get soggy. The smell of French Fries wafting from the bag nullifies the pine tree on the mirror and kids trash on the backseat floor. You really should check to see if the order is ok before you get home... you know, to prevent being embarrassed. So you reach into the bag and pluck a fry with two fingers but quickly switch fingers because it’s hot. Almost too hot to eat... I said almost, but you let it cool for a few seconds while justifying you’re bringing it to the table so deserve an extra fry, the sweetest fries in history are stolen on the ride home. Now picture that fry has been injected with ketchup, cheese, gopher guts, what ever to wanted... ambrosia.
This patent application by Mr Brient has 54 pages of various ways to do this so nobody could steal his idea and do it a different way in order to circumvent his patent. The patent expired so I guess he didn’t want to do it, just sell his idea.

WilliamRocket said...

The um, woman with the car interest woes ?

Are those teeth real ?
She looks like she has those mouth guards football players have.

I hate to disparage anybody's looks, but wow, let's go Dracula !

I myself am no great maths wizard, but reckon my 20 year old Saab 9.5 is the way to go with cars.
No need to impress anyone else but me, and it does that every time I drive it.
$2000 4 or so years ago, maybe $1500 bringing it up to near new condition, so $3500 all up for a fast, safe and comfortable cr ... that no one will want to steal !

$3500 is just over $2000 in US dollars.