Saturday, April 27, 2024

Time-Lapse Engine Restoration

You can get a lot of satisfaction in restoring an old engine. Or watching one! This small block 283 engine came out of a '66 Chevelle and sat on the floor for 25 years before the restoration project. Some pretty specialized machine tools were required to carry out the restoration. You have to admire these guys' know-how and dedication to the project, but you also have to admire the craftsmanship in making of this utterly mesmerizing video. It couldn't have been at all easy. You can almost feel the tension between the gearheads waiting to do their thing while the filmmaker lines it up perfectly. The result is worth the wait. (via Boing Boing)


Anonymous said...

Making this video was more work than rebuilding the motor. I'm sure it slowed the motor work too. There's real talent shown in both areas.

jamie said...

I can to see an engine restoration. All I got was a trump/putin sing along.

Miss Cellania said...

jamie, my hosting platform does that way too often. It's only a problem on the main page, where there are several videos. If you click the post title to bring up an individual page with only one video on it, it's always the correct video.