Sunday, April 28, 2024

The Tesla Time Machine

This is what happens to a guy who was probably an adolescent when he saw the movie Back to the Future and really, really wanted a DeLorean but all he could get hold of was a Tesla. So Supercar Blondie had his favorite mechanic shop convert the Tesla into his image of a badass time machine, complete with DeLorean branding and even a vanity plate. It may not be jet-powered, but it's got flamethrowers coming out of the rear! It's also got a "flux capacitor," the "garbage to energy" converter from Back to the Future 2, all the dashboard controls from the movies, and even a hoverboard stashed inside. They went to a lot of trouble to make the electric car sound like a gas-powered machine, because the noise is important.

The Tesla part is in the first eight minutes. Keep watching to see a conversion car from Resident Evil. It has a gun rack, a rocket launcher, an armor cage, and more apocalyptic details. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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