Sunday, April 21, 2024

Should All Locks Have Keys?

You protect your physical world with locks -on your car, your home, and your workplace. But the digital world is different. There’s a lot to think about here. In the physical world, there are workarounds for emergencies. My husband once broke in a door to rescue a resident who’d had a stroke. Police with warrants can break physical locks. And of course, burglars can break through physical locks if it’s worth the risk to them. But how would one get around a digital lock in an emergency? And then there’s the question of who gets to decide what an “emergency” is, because a loose definition would threaten normal privacy. CGP Grey lays out the conundrum that the digital world, those who use it, and government authorities are wrestling with now. Oh yeah, there’s a footnote video, too. (via reddit)

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