Saturday, April 27, 2024

Meet Tippy

Tippy is the cute mascot for the new tipping culture in which anyone and everyone wants you to just pay more than the agreed price for every service imaginable. (via Neatorama)


WilliamRocket said...

Do you all know .... that all of us outside America think tipping is absolutely ridiculous ?

I myself have lived in New Zealand, Australia, England and Wales, and EVERY person working gets a wage.

Imagine having to rely on people's moods for your income.

Just pay the staff a wage, they'll be happier, the customers will be happier, and the business owner will profit more because of that happiness.

Seriously, this is not rocket science.

Bicycle Bill said...

If some yutz is gonna start holding their hand out and asking for a tip, they're getting bupkis from me.  The same with these 'homeless' people and their "Please help" cardboard signs that sprout up along with the dandelions on street corners by the Walmarts and stop light intersection every spring.


jamie said...

OK, found the engine video.
Miss C, your titles/videos seem to be mixed up. That doesn't mean that the videos you post are not absolutely fab!

Miss Cellania said...

jamie, my hosting platform does that often. It's only a problem on the main page, where there are several videos. If you click the post title to bring up an individual page with only one video on it, it's always the correct one.

chich said...

Tips are getting out of hand. Just pay your staff. The cost of the meal goes up either way. One is just more honest.

I don't contribute to the endless charity requests I get at stores anymore. I donate on my own and figured why should I be giving a corporation a tax break for the donations.

I'm also a little annoyed by the food bank bins at the exits from grocery stores. I will donate to the food bank itself and as most grocery stores are making obscene profits from riding the "supply chain issues wink* wink*" they can make donations themselves.

Getting tired of corporate welfare and greed.

Miss Cellania said...

chich, the local supermarket used to donate lots of food to my food bank- mostly things that were about to expire, but now they sell these same items in "donation bags" that you can't open or see into. That's one reason why we switched to giving out grocery store gift cards instead.

gwdMaine said...

Grocery stores making obscene profits? Maybe some special ones, but the margins for regular ones are around 2%.