Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Theo and His Bowls

Most pets love their bowls for the simple reason that the bowl is where to food is. They don't like empty bowls. But Theo the bulldog is different. He really loves his bowl. Or your bowl. Or that other bowl. Theo had several metal bowls that he carried, played with, and even slept with. But it was a glorious day when his human Andrew received a shipment of twenty new metal bowls of all sizes! Andrew must be a very patient man, to put up with the racket all those bowls make, but he loves Theo, and we make sacrifices for those we love. You can keep up with Theo and his bulldog buddies Rosie and Mortimer at Facebook and Instagram. (via Metafilter)


Anonymous said...

lol likable widdle scamp

Anonymous said...

Somehow it makes the noise more tolerable when you know what he's going to do.
Is there a 10 step program to switch him to plastic bowls?