Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The 9 Most Painful Things You Can Ever Experience

A long time ago, someone told me that the most painful things are a spinal tap, a root canal, and childbirth. My mother underwent all three of those, so I asked her which was the worst. She said she didn't know, since she was knocked out for all three. Anesthesia is a wonderful thing. But today my eyes have been opened, because there are a lot of exotic things out there that can cause such intense pain that you might think death is preferable. Chill Dude Explains lists nine things that are more painful than a root canal with no Novocain, and it will make you want to stay inside, away from the ocean, and far, far away from Australia.


chich said...

I've had two spinal taps, and four or five root canals. Did not have any pain numbing for any except my first root canal when I was young. Maybe I have a high pain threshold but root canals are not an issue. They may hurt for a bright second or two but once the drill stops the pain stops and I don't have to walk around with a numb slab of meat on the side of my face. No, I lied. I had freezing for another root canal. The dentist I had was fairly new and her hands were shaking so I let her give me some freezing for her sake.

Spinal taps I have heard can be painful but I had two and it was nothing.

Not invincible though. let me get a paper cut and there will be tears :P

Anonymous said...

I got wrapped by a jellyfish but it was a Man-O-War not that nasty Uruk Kanji. It was quite painful enough, thank you.

WilliamRocket said...

This is a bit like Monty Python's 'When we were children we lived in a show box'

I've had a root canal, a broken sternum, a dog die, been the loser in unfair fist fights, and been a passenger in a car rolled 7 times over a 'mountain' side (so many dark and huge bruises !)

But the worst pain I have had was from falling off a 2 metre high scaffold straight down onto my feet.

I guess it is the plantier fascia, however you spell it, but the pain from that fall, that night, from my right foot, had me, a tough and solid six foot plus man, crying like I was a baby dumped in a library's late deposit slot.

As if I'd fit !

Now I'll go and read Chill Dude's video (I know what I said) and have a compare.

WilliamRocket said...

Sorry, didn't proof read, SHOE BOX.

No lives in a show box.