Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Sun


WilliamRocket said...

I'm still trying to figure out what language deaf people think in.

And you hear this - If the sun goes out the residual heat of our planet will keep us from freezing for only two days (confirmation needed as that is only an uneducated guess) ... but the darkness will extinguish all plant life in a few weeks, just like putting old carpet over all the farms, which you might do because it suddenly got dark AND very cold.

Some of us, myself included, have Tinny Eat Us, a pre-emptive allocation of the sun's deaf... oops, the sun's death roar, echoing in our heads, which can drive you crazy, or make you write too long comments on Missy See's blog roll.

One way to offset the inner hell of sound is to do the vacuuming ... or in my case, just have the vacuum cleaner running, which offsets the inner ear death roar of the sun and makes the neighbours think I am a very tidy and house proud bunny.

Anonymous said...

You don't need language to think. I think in musical ideas all day long, to the point where I sometimes wish it would stop. Others think in pictures. Others in touch. Others in pure mathematics. But if you do think in language, I'd guess it was the one you read in.